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For 2019, we’ve started a bi-monthly style competition.  2 BJCP beer styles were chosen, along with the schedule of when to brew them.  Members choose if they would like to participate and which beer style they would like to make.  Beers are then judged blind, just like in a BJCP competition. It’s a great way to sharpen your senses & learn a little about what it is like to be a beer judge.  On the flip side, members get unbiased feedback on their beer.

We take the “show on the road” for the summer months & visit many local breweries.  For the 2019 summer season, we’ll be starting our tour in June with R.S.Taylor & Sons Saratoga Taproom.  July will bring us to Unified Beer Works and August sees us at Frog Hollow.

We have also incorporated a weekend Social Meet-up in 2019.  This is a time for us to get together on a weekend at a local brewery and perhaps get a tour, chat with the brewer, and of course, enjoy a pint with our fellow Thouroughbrews.  We’ve been to some great places and we have some fun times ahead:

June: Homebrew Con!

July: TBA

August: Bennington Summer HomeBrew Festival (formerly 4CN Hombrew Festival)

We also take part in American Homebrewers Association events, such as National Homebrew Day  & Learn to Homebrew Day.